The Kent Club for London Freemasons hosts an Evening with John Parry MetGI

On 24 Wednesday at 8pm, John will share his story which – with a background in music, photography, radio, TV and film – promises to be an exciting evening. A few teasers into his experiences include booking some famous pop and rock stars and meeting/filming many famous politicians and celebrities. In addition, his role in filming documentaries has got him into some precarious positions.

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We are trying something a little different for this evening whereby you can join us and share the same bottle of wine. The wine “connoisseur” of the Kent Club committee, Richard, has recommended a red, Les Dauphins Côtes du Rhône Villages, based on a suggested £10 budget. It has good ratings and is sold in all major supermarkets. Les Dauphines also do a white as well if you don’t drink red. So please, add this to your shopping list and try not to drink it before the evening! The link showing you the wine is here