Cardboard Citizens Charity receives boost thanks to London Freemasons

London Freemasons have donated £2,000 to East London based specialist charity Cardboard Citizens, who for the last 25 years have been making life-changing theatre with and for people with experience of homelessness. The charity has a regular programme of performances aiming to bring high quality theatre to as many people as possible.

The external causes of homelessness are multiple and complex, the internal effects on confidence and self-esteem are common and normally long lasting. The charity is renowned for life changing theatre which reaches out to over 1,500 homeless people each year with its performances, workshops and training. The workshop programme is at the heart of what they do, inclusive and practical workshops provide a safe space for people affected by homelessness to build their strength and confidence, to express them, making friends and learning new skills to support themselves out of homelessness.

Membership starts with an induction process in which a trained professional will explore the needs of the individual and to seek out ways to support that person. Practical assistance is provided by assisting the members with CV writing, interview skills, money management along with accredited training in Maths, English, Peer Mentoring and Employability Skills.

The charity’s work challenges opinions and preconceptions that people have about those affected by homelessness. The workshop program has been developed in response to the increasing acknowledgement of the connection between homelessness and mental health. 

At a time of decreasing support and funding for homeless people, Communications manager Tom Davies says “This funding will help us to make our Workshop Programme more relevant, accessible and life-changing for people who have experienced homelessness. We’re grateful to the London Freemasons Charity for supporting our Members, and helping us provides spaces for self-expression, development and friendship in the heart of the City.”

Adrian Fox from London Freemasons, visited, said “I was delighted to meet enthusiastic members who have been trained as ambassadors for the charity. They were keen and able to reflect, discuss and compare the charities principles of Inspire, Participate, Nurture, and Grow. This is another example of London Freemasons supporting the London community. This donation follows on from a £1,250,000 donation, of a £2.5 million funding pledge from London Freemasons to London Fire Brigade. The funding will provide London Fire Brigade with two extended height aerial vehicles.”

In recent years the MetGL campaign and the London Freemasons Charity has…

  • Paid for the installation of a state of the art Cyberknife radio therapy machine in Bart’s Hospital. 
  • Doubled the amount of Rapid Response Ambulances on the streets of London.