Through no choice of our own, we currently find ourselves existing in an unbelievable set of circumstances. I imagine when living in any time of crisis or conflict, the effort of just getting through each day can blot out the sun.

The luxury of stepping back and taking in the broad sweep of what has happened can probably only emerge as we peer back through the lens of time.

The fascination that we have with the calamities and catastrophes of history shouts very loudly to be heard. It yells at us to make sure that we properly document these unparalleled times that we are now living through.

Each member of a lodge will have a different perspective of the pandemic and the havoc it has wrought. Although we are all in it as a global nation, each person’s story will be unique. It is therefore imperative that we don’t let these memories fade away with the receding virus.

If this time in our Lodge’s collective history is not written down, future generations will look back with regret at the missing tales of such an extraordinary episode.

Each brother could pen his experiences, and this could be compiled as part of the lodge history. Record any small acts of kindness. You may want to reflect on your Zoom meetings, good or bad, your encounters with technology. Were you furloughed or in the front line? Were you lonely? What did you miss? Were you active in your community? Did the Almoners fund or the MCF help you survive?
Did you or a loved one have Covid?

Was there any aspect of the lockdown you actually enjoyed? Perhaps you found a new hobby, spent more time with your loved ones, reconnected with a long-lost friend. Did you complete an old project? Did you get an inspiring idea for the future of your Lodge?

Ask the lodge secretary if they know someone who might like to author a lodge or chapter diary of the C-19 pandemic, lockdown, vaccination and our imminent return to Freemasonry.
Let’s paint together this unique picture for our successors.