A meeting of two exclusive social clubs

W Bro David Seddon reports


On the evening of 29th July, Freemason's Hall, witnessed a special gathering. Members of two social organisations that pride themselves on the quality of their members met for the first time.


A few Freemasons had invited fellow members of Mensa to visit the exquisite building that we know and love.


25 members of the London chapter of Mensa, the high IQ society, gathered in the new Café-Bar and enjoyed a social gathering before embarking on a private tour of the Peace Memorial and the Grand Temple. The event was organised and co-hosted by W Bro David Seddon and Oliver Benjamin.


After the grand tour, Bro David presented to those present both his Craft and Royal Arch regalia and proceeded to give some explanations of the various orders in Freemasonry and the significance of the rituals.


A multitude of questions were asked from all visitors, demonstrating an eager interest. It allowed Bro David to debunk some of the common myths while enticing his audience with some fascinating masonic facts.


Two of the men showed a keen interest in joining Freemasonry and have no doubt received their form shortly afterwards. It may also be noted that several of the women present were equally interested in becoming lady Masons.

Overall, the evening was a very positive experience for everyone who attended. So much so that a second events was organised for the 10th of September. It attracted even more visitors from Mensa and no doubts more prospective members.


It has been agreed that a regular (perhaps quarterly) gathering will now be set up in the café. Perhaps next will be a Mensa Lodge…


This article is part of the Arena Magazine, Issue 46 October 2021 edition.
Arena Magazine is the official magazine of the London Freemasons – Metropolitan Grand Lodge and Metropolitan Grand Chapter of London.

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