A new home for Brazilian Freemasons (and rulers!)

Bro Albert B Rother, Master Mason reports

It was in November 2019 when a group of Brazilian Freemasons turned an ambitious project into a reality. The United Arts Rifles Lodge No 3817, which was about to hand its warrant in, was rescued and taken over by 19 brethren from Brazil, some of whom had been initiated in Brazil, others on English shores.

Left to right: W Bro Anderson Martinez, WM of the United Arts Rifles Lodge No 3817, the Brazilian Lodge, W Bro Malcolm Williams, PPGSuptWks, the WM of Glevum Lodge No 7385 (Gloucestershire) and the R W Bro Aldo Coutinho, Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the State of Rio Grande do Norte (GLERN), now a member of the United Arts Rifles Lodge on a fraternal

Since then, and despite the pandemic, the Lodge has gone from strength to strength and has initiated ten brethren, including five on the same day. Thanks to the prominent work the Lodge has run during the pandemic, through online Masonic lectures in Portuguese, the Lodge has started making a name for itself in Brazil, and all its efforts have started to bear fruits. In February, the Lodge was honoured with the joining of three new brethren: one candidate and two joining members.

One of the joining members was none other than RW Bro Aldo Coutinho, Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the State of Rio Grande do Norte (GLERN), who switched the canicular weather of northern Brazil for… well… the not-so-canicular wintery London. Once duly approved, a tearful Bro Coutinho shared that he had just realised a lifelong dream by becoming a member of United Grand Lodge of England, surrounded by Brazilian and British brethren who were all equally moved by such a beautiful moment.

The night finished with a very Brazilian Festive Board (unlimited meat, served on the skewer) and the promise of an even more memorable meetings, with 6 passings (yes, you read that right, SIX) in April and a multiple raising on 25th June, a ceremony that will obviously be followed, once again, by a Brazilian Festive Board!

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