Canning Town charity Ambition Aspire Achieve gets needed PC equipment

Ambition, Aspire, Achieve focuses on the communities of Newham and East London and thanks to a donation from the London Freemasons, the charity were able to set up the new facility, which includes a workbench with six Google Chromebooks, one laptop and a colour printer and scanner.

Dave Burns, the AAA trustee who received the donation, said:
“I am honoured and grateful to receive this generous donation on behalf of Ambition, Aspire, Achieve. It is good to know that our work is valued and that organisations such as the London Freemasons are there to support us when help is needed.”

Ambition, Aspire, Achieve work in partnership with, and receive referrals from a variety of sources, such as schools, education welfare services, health visitors, family and child consultation services, community mental health teams, probation services, family support groups, disability support groups, community organisations and youth offending teams.​

The suite will be used by AAA’s life skills education group, after school clubs, youth groups, disability groups and holiday project. It will join an 120m outdoor cycle track built in September which cost £30,000, along with the centre’s specialised sensory room and play area.