Coborn Lodge rides for Ollie

Creating an impressive sight one very wet and miserable Sunday, seventy-four bikers, including,
Masonic Bikers of Coborn Lodge, Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association and bikers from the local
Sittingbourne community took to the road in convoy to pay a surprise visit to the home of three-year-
old and terminally ill Ollie. This was a huge surprise to Ollie who, along with his neighbours was a little
shocked to say the least.


Soon Ollie was up for a ride on one of the HARLEY Davidson trikes! Despite the inconvenience of
pouring rain, no one cared especially Ollie. At the end of the visit Ollie was presented with tee shirts
signed by everyone, a leather bike jacket with his name and badges, and a teddy bear!

The event also raised over £2000 for Ollie and his family to go on a dream Disney holiday.

Unfortunately, Ollie never made the trip to Disney, losing his battle with his illness.
Corbyn Lodge members made the trip back to Kent providing the cortege for little Ollies final trip and
provided support for the family through this difficult time.