David Clark Grimmer 50 Years in the Royal Arch

E Comp John Peters PGSoj MetGInsp reports

One of the highlights, if not the highlight, of a Metropolitan Grand Inspector’s tenure, is to present a long service certificate to a Brother or Companion who has made an outstanding contribution to freemasonry over so many years.

E Comp John Peters PGSoj, Metropolitan Grand Inspector was honoured and delighted to be invited to Caesarea Chapter No 5480 on 4th December 2021 to present E Comp David Grimmer PAGSoj, with a 50th-year Long-Service Certificate commemorating the wonderful career he has enjoyed as a member of the Royal Arch. 

The occasion had been made even more special in that Comp David himself asked that the presentation was made by Comp John. Thanks must go to the Caesarea Chapter MetGInsp E Comp Ian Burgess PAGSoj for the courtesy he afforded Comp John in allowing him to make this presentation within his Inspectorate.  

Comps David and John first met in 2005 when John was appointed as a Visiting Officer in David's SVO team. They quickly became friends as well as masonic colleagues and, in presenting the certificate, Comp John expressed how grateful he has been for the encouragement and mentoring which has had a major influence on his own masonic career.   

Comp David was Exalted into Caesarea Chapter No 5840 on 4th December 1971. Although the Exaltation took place in the latter part of the year, many significant events took place in the world, which we will remember to this very day. Comp John reminded those present of some of them.  

Comp David was born on 6th March 1942 and was Initiated into Craft Freemasonry on 6th December 1969, at Sarnia-Riduna Lodge No 5840. He had been introduced by W Bro Freddie Harris, a Grand Officer who was David's Father-in-Law and a founding member of the Lodge.


David became Worshipful Master in 1975 after only six years. He received SLGR Rank in 2009, was appointed as a Visiting Officer in 2010 and received a 50th Year Craft Certificate in 2019, that being presented by VW Bro David Wilkinson PGSwdB, Assistant Metropolitan Grand Master.


Comp David is also a member of North Surrey Masters Lodge and a Past Master of Royal York Lodge of Perseverance No 7, where his Craft journey took him through the progressive offices and most of the non-progressive. During this time, he was also a Director of Ceremonies.


After Exaltation, David's Royal Arch career saw him join North Surrey First Principals Chapter in 2003, where he became First Principal in December 2021. A fitting tribute after Fifty Years as a member of the Royal Arch.


His contribution to the Royal Arch has been immense. He became a Visiting Officer and then a Senior Visiting Officer from 2005 to 2021, being responsible for ten Chapters and four or five VOs. He was promoted to Supreme Grand Chapter Rank as Past Grand Standard Bearer (PGStB) in 2005 and further promoted to Past Assistant Grand Sojourner (PAGSoJ) in 2020. 

Perhaps most significantly, three Chapters, in particular have recognised his support, guidance and friendship by rewarding him with Honorary Membership. They are La Bella Sauvage Chapter No 3095, Patterson Chapter No 3646 and Spencer Park Chapter No 6198.

Furthermore, David has been involved with the MetGL/GC Retention and Rejuvenation Team as a Contact Officer for Six Years. This role requires skills, tact and diplomacy in understanding the reasons why our brethren and companions resign and indeed requires the ability to help them reconsider their decision where appropriate.

Comp David's enthusiasm has not stopped there. His mother Lodge and Chapter have strong connections with the Channel Islands, and he has been instrumental in organising regular visits to Guernsey and Jersey from the mainland, which have fostered a very special relationship.

He is also the current Royal Arch Representative for Sarnia-Riduna Lodge No 5840.

His photograph can also be seen in the current edition of the 'Exaltee Guide'.

In an interview-style presentation, David mentioned that he had enjoyed the privilege of being a Mason, having made some long-lasting and very good friends, sharing many interesting experiences. None of those would have happened without the support of his wife Vivienne, to whom he has been married for 55 Years, their daughter Avril, son in law Illy and grandson Arran.


Comp David, besides being busy in Masonry, has also led a wide and varied personal life outside of it.


Born in 1942, he was educated at Wimbledon Grammar School and attended the Moray Firth 'Sea Outward Bound' School in Scotland, passing through in the top four from a group of circa 200. He then proceeded to attain a degree in design & display and an IOSH* certificate in Health & Safety. (* Institution of Occupational Safety and Health)


His Business Career took the direction of a Marketing Manager for several Blue Chip companies. Upon official retirement, Comp David became the Estate Manager at the Mole Business Park Leatherhead in Surrey and worked with the BEN charity allied to the Motor trade.


Outside of work and Masonry, Comp David showed Poodles at Crufts and was a great sportsman where perhaps the highlight was being a Class One Football referee for 43 years with many honours, including refereeing the Public School Old Boys Cup, the Dunn Cup, which is older than the FA Cup. He was also a Football Club Secretary and Surrey County football Divisional Secretary.


As the certificate states, 'It is the knowledge and experience gained by our longest-serving members that will continue to be a source of inspiration for the younger Brethren and Companions of today and in the future'. This is certainly true for Comp David Grimmer PAGSoj.


An attendance of almost thirty Companions warmly congratulated E Comp David on achieving this very special milestone.


This article is part of the Arena Magazine, Issue 48 April 2022 edition.
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