London Freemasons Charity Matched Funding Scheme 2022

For 2022, the London Freemasons’ Charity (LFC) is embarking on something new and exciting in its goal of supporting a wide breadth of charities across London.  At the AGM of Metropolitan Grand Lodge the Right Worshipful Metropolitan Grand Master, Sir Michael Snyder, announced that the LFC have allocated funds for Match Funding for Lodges and Chapters in London for 2022. 


This is a new initiative and, importantly, it allows individual Lodges and Chapters to work in partnership with the LFC to support charities close to their hearts.  A sum of £150,000 has been ear marked for this and the scheme will run until 31st December 2022.



Under the scheme, each Lodge and Chapter can make one application (which may include a single charity or multiple charities) up to a maximum to £1000 of match funding.  Whatever you give to your chosen charity (up to £1,000), the LFC will match thereby doubling your donation.


How to apply


Applications must be received by the deadline of 31st December 2022.


Charities must be registered with the Charity Commission and the applications must demonstrate that the chosen charities are for the benefit of London and Londoners. A national Charity application will be unlikely to succeed unless it is clearly demonstrated that it for a project entirely London based.


The application details required will include the charity name, its registered number, confirmation of being London focused, the Lodge or Chapter name and number, the Inspectors name, the contact name and email address for the Lodge representative. A short explanation on why the charity has been selected; it will be expected that the Lodge or Chapter members support the donation.


It is anticipated that certain charities will receive multiple donations, which is permitted.



LFC Review Process:


After the deadline has passed, the LFC Trustees will review the applications and allocate the funds on a pro rata basis (if the total applications exceed £150,000).


All Lodges will be informed of decisions by1st February 2023 at the latest; and

payments will be made once supporting evidence is received to show that a payment has been made by the Lodge.



Lodges and Chapters should not delay in making their donation now to their chosen charity.  LFC has only £150,000 to match fund with, and in order to let as many Lodges and Chapters get some of the funds for their charities, the match funding will only be available to the end of the year.  If oversubscribed the funds will be Pro Rata between all, in equal proportions.

This is a wonderful initiative whereby your Lodge or Chapter is free to apply for additional funds to support charities close to your hearts.  Chairman of the London Freemasons’ Charity, Stratton Richey, commented: It is a huge privilege to serve Londoners though our own great charity.  The Charity does make lots of grants from application from charities, but now it is the chance for Lodges and Chapters to nominate those that they choose.”

If your Lodge or Chapter is interested in applying for funding from the Match Funding programme, please contact the London Freemasons’ Charity at for an application form. 


This article is part of the Arena Magazine, Issue 49 August 2022 edition.
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