Metropolitan Grand Lodge Clay Shooting Association

Report by VW Bro Brian Saidman PGSwdB, Hon Shooting Captain

Sound the Trumpets and Bang the Drums Opening Shoot, 13 April 2021.

We decided to let loose again with the trusty musket for the first time in many months, by blazing away with an opening shoot for the MetGLCSA on Tuesday, 13th April 2021 – to blow away the cobwebs and provide us a great warm-up, in anticipation of the twice-annual showdown Trophy Shoot with the Province of Buckinghamshire in May.

Choosing one of our favourite venues, (who were also climbing out of lockdown), we were heartily welcomed by the Lea Valley Shooting Ground in Hertfordshire and who kindly allowed us sole use of the ground for the day.

Having sent out the word, not only did we have a great turnout from MetGLCSA’s Members and Guests, we were delighted to welcome Chris Lynch and his guest Giovani Falletta from Hertfordshire, Phil Goddard and Roger Gills from Buckinghamshire, (obviously taking the opportunity to get their eye-in for May), Oliver Bullman from Essex, and a special welcome to Keith Kilbourn all the way from Norfolk. 

We couldn’t have chosen a better day for shooting. Bright blue sky and about 12 degrees.

Course of fire was a 10-trap 100 bird Sporting layout plus, following on for those who wished to really try their skills and flex their muscles, a 20-bird Pool Shoot set up in the Compac arena. 

The Squads (all respecting COVID-19 restrictions) were marshalled and Brian Saidman, Honorary Captain MetGLCSA, warmly welcomed all present, wished everyone “Good Shooting” and waved them off.  

Fortunately, the weather remained benign, the traps kept firing, and a good time was had by all.



Chris Lynch (Hertfordshire) turned in a superb high gun 95 ex100, with Phil Goddard (Bucks) showing us all what we would be facing in May, with a storming 91 ex100 as runner up.

Our latest MetGLCSA Member, Bro Arian Shahbazian, kept the flag flying for Met with a commendable second runner-up with 90 ex100.

In the fiendishly difficult Pool Shoot, Chris Lynch hung on to a great 17 ex20 with Terry Harris (Met) snapping at his heels all the way with an excellent 16 ex20 as runner-up. 

My sincere thanks must go to Bro Arian Shahbazian, who, having picked up my suggestion for an “Opening Shoot” immediately rushed off and organised the event, kindly assisted by Marc Price and Terry Harris. Great team and many thanks. 

The Met/Bucks Trophy, 15 May 2021 – From Zero to Heroes!

Nicely warmed up, a Metropolitan phalanx of 18 shooters arrived at the Buckinghamshire Masonic Clay Pigeon Shooting Association’s chosen ground in Aylesbury. Bucks had plenty for the 54 shooters to get their teeth into (including teas, coffees and bacon butties pre-shoot and hot lunch afterwards), with a 100-Bird Sporting layout, a 10-Bird Springing-Teal Pool Shoot and, for the top four shooters from Bucks and Metropolitan, the cherished Trophy.

The Met shooters were in excellent form. The Masonic High Gun in the 100-Bird Sporting Event, across all the Provinces taking part, was John Perrin (Met) with a sparkling 74 ex100, with Dave Brown (Met) as Runner-up with 71 ex100.

The Pool Shoot, not for the faint-hearted, (but it was for charity so everyone had a go) comprised five pairs of Springing-Teal, on report, screaming skyward at a rate of knots.

We were delighted when Marc Price (Met) took the first straight with a magnificent 10 ex10, followed by Bernie Connolly, (recently inducted as Chairman of the East Kent Clay Shooting Club) who obviously also has the same nerves as steel as Marc, achieved the second (and only other) straight of 10 ex10.

Our host, Roger Gills, Captain of Bucks, making a judgment of Solomon, awarded a bottle of Champagne each to Marc and Bernie. Terrifically well done to them both.

The moment had arrived. I was invited to say a few words, which enabled me to thank our hosts on behalf of Met and all the other Provinces present for an excellent and thoroughly enjoyable event. I also explained the Fraternal cordiality between Met & Bucks Clay Shooters which has been reflected in the striving for The Trophy, whenever we meet.

Unfortunately, the old Trophy (which was only about the size of a small pepper-pot) had long since disappeared.

On behalf of MetGLCSA, I had pleasure in presenting the new Trophy at the meeting. 

The respective combined scores of the four top shooters for Met and Bucks were read out with baited breath as follows:

MetGLCSA total clays:    278 (John Perrin 74, David Brown 71, Terry Harris 69, Marc Price 66)
Buckinghamshire total clays:    233

Pardon me for a quick, yippee!

The Trophy has been engraved with the first entry going to Metropolitan.

We look forward to our next encounter!

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