Toothbrushes for Tooting

In support of the NHS England’s national campaign to fight tooth decay in Children, London Freemasons are donating 40,000 toothbrushes, with the slogan “From London Freemasons” on the handle, to Children’s wards in London Hospitals. St. Georges Hospital in Tooting has received their first 2000 toothbrushes which Manufactured in Switzerland, the toothbrushes are specially designed for children and impregnated with invisible toothpaste.

Brother Alan Hillman of the City Gate Lodge 9890, whilst visiting his grandson in hospital saw the TLC Teddy Bear scheme in action. Suitably impressed and wishing to say, “Thank You” for the support they gave his family, he asked the nurses what further support did they need? They mentioned the poor dental health state of many children often arriving at hospital without their toothbrushes and the desperate need for toothbrushes impregnated with toothpaste for use in the hospital.

Jose James, Head Nurse of Nichols Children’s Ward St. Georges Hospital commented “I am delighted to receive this donation on behalf of the Children’s Ward, our work is importance to supporting Children’s welfare during there stay with us and this donation will help us achieve our objectives. Our thanks go to the members of London Freemasonry for their generosity”

Professor Nigel Hunt OBE, Royal College of Surgeons stated “Child tooth decay is a major public health issue, and effects around a quarter of five-year olds across the country. Ensuring that Children brush their teeth regularly, and attend dental check-ups are essential steps in tackling a problem that is 90% preventable”